Ecological Packihng Materials

As much as possible, we choose ecological packing materials that respect nature as well as our environnement, .

Personalized Baby Gifts

The birth of a baby is always an unforgettable event that calls for celebration...what better way to congratulate the family than with a gift personalized with an embroidery, a photo or an engraving. offers a large selection of personalized gift ideas for mother and baby.

Embroidred Trousseau & Bathrobe

A truely refined gift for the birth of a baby, an embroidered trousseau, towel set, bath robe or sleeping bag. Each gift is personalized with baby's name. There are towel sets, baby sleeping babs or gift baskets with baby clothes and bath accessories. A thought gift to welcome baby personally.

Baby Heath Book Cover

Here is a charming and very useful gift, a colorful book cover that will protect baby's heath book for many years. Personalized with an embroidery of baby's name this joyful cloth book cover becomes a truely unique gift.

Personalized Jewelery and Watches

 personalized-jewelery-watches   personalized-jewelery-watches   personalized-jewelery-watches 

For the mother, grandmother or godmother, what better gift that a jewel or watch personalized with an engraving or a photo. Create a unique necklace or bracelet that will be a thougtful gift and keepsake.